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20 Nov 2017
smart landscape lighting

Uplighting vs. Downlighting: What is Right for Your Space

When it gets dark outside, your outdoor living space should glow. However, the only way this is possible is by utilize the right type of landscape lighting. The fact is, there are likely quite a few appealing elements in your landscape, from interesting trees to exquisite stone retaining walls that you could highlight. The question is, how do you achieve a “natural” lighting look, that is still effective and aesthetically pleasing?READ MORE

06 Nov 2017

5 Tips to Create an Effortless Irrigation System

Recently, there has been somewhat of a shift from the customary, labor-intensive irrigation systems, to ones that integrate more effortless technology. These modern, effortless systems are not only effective and efficient, they are also pivotal to supporting quality growth.READ MORE

10 Oct 2017
water conservation tips for spring

Consequences of Failing to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Living in Kansas City means that you know how cold winter can be. You also know how often the ground freezes and the havoc it can cause. If you have an irrigation system, it is imperative that you call the professionals for winterization. Failure to do this can result in serious consequences and costly repairs when spring arrives.READ MORE

25 Sep 2017
new sprinkler system

Is Fall the Right Time to Have a New Sprinkler System Installed?

Many people in the landscaping industry are asked when is the best time to have a sprinkler system installed? While the answer you receive may vary from one landscaper to another, an answer that many will agree on is during the fall months of the year. While late fall is ideal, any time from September until December will work.READ MORE

18 Sep 2017
fall lawn care

Important Maintenance for Your Landscape Before Fall Arrives

Fall is on its way, which means the weather in Kansas City and surrounding areas is going to begin getting cooler. With the weather outside getting more comfortable, it is important to make sure that your landscape, and all the components in it, are ready for cooler weather. Preparing for fall weather properly will help your landscape bounce back after the winter months. While there is more too this maintenance and preparation than just raking leaves, you will be glad you put time and energy into it next spring.READ MORE